Car Restoration in Moissac

Visit GARAGE CARRIO for expert car restoration.

We are located in Moissac, near Toulouse, Agen and Montauban.

Complete repair

Give your car a facelift!

Call us for complete car restoration! We work on all makes and models of vehicles, especially Citroën: SM, Traction, 2 CV, Méhari, DS, HY...

We use the latest tools and techniques for efficient result that perfectly fits your needs.

We do our utmost best to deliver an impeccable service using our knowledge, skills and professionalism...

We provide results that meet your expectations


Car Restoration Moissac Toulouse Montauban , Agen
Car Restoration Moissac Toulouse Montauban , Agen

Other expert services

We also repair the bodies of your damaged classic cars, committing ourselves to meticulous repair whatever the make or model of vehicle. 

Rely on our skilled team to weld your vehicle flooring, repair the chassis and defective mechanical components. We also handle your auto paint job to restore your car’s former shine.

We pick up your vehicle on site. 

We provide professional, reliable and efficient services



The Insolites

Restoration process A to Z

Why choose us?

Knowledge and skills passed down from father to son

Service all makes and models of vehicles

Quality work

We remain at your disposal for further information.